Wandering Gallery

The Wandering Gallery was built in April 2018. This mobile structure allows the artists to travelto different locations and display their work to audiences everywhere. The exhibition are free of charge and for the enjoyment of the visitors. The typical schedule is: Friday evening set-up, Saturday full-day exhibition, and Sunday departure. The 9 x 3 m exhiibition consist of photographs, prints (a collection of linocut, monotype and woodcut) and wood carving.

2020 - events in this year canceled becose of coronavirus situation

7. - 8.8. Povaleč festival at region Karlovy Vary   1.8. Goat party at Milkovice

16.6. 2018 first visit of Wandering Gallery - Woodcarving symposium Dlask farm - Turnov museum event

M. Janošík photography, T. Hájek prints and carvings. Vlasta Bravla as guitar player during opening ceremony.